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With the B2B Accelerator, businesses can easily build omnichannel solutions and support complex relationships with their customers. They can make changes in catalogs, manage quotes and track order history across all touchpoints. There are many benefits to a fully composable commerce platform, but big tradeoff for that extra freedom and flexibility. To succeed with fully composable commerce, you need a high degree of digital maturity and skilled IT resources.

sap commerce cloud modules

Moreover, you can leverage a CPQ application for selling configurable products. Use SaM Solutions’ SAP Commerce Cloud implementation to build a highly customizable ecommerce solution with complex catalogues and configurations. The SAP Commerce Cloud is packed with superior capabilities that help you create omnichannel storefronts that cater to your users’ diverse needs and choices. Its built-in “Customer Consent Solution” gives customers complete and transparent control over their data and how it’s used. And the “Customer Identity Solution” provides flexible and frictionless registration, authentication, and login experiences, all critical in the era of GDPR, CCPA, and beyond. Commerce Cloud gives users a single view of inventory across an entire organization.

It is easy to personalize the platform to accomplish all the requirements and manage complicated catalogs and configurations. An omnichannel platform for B2B, B2C and B2B2C businesses, SAP Commerce Cloud is designed to engage and transact with your customers across digital and physical touchpoints. The SAP Commerce Cloud works wonders to streamline your ecommerce business. It simplifies the purchasing process – from search to sales for your customers.

Engage with SAP’s Commerce Cloud community

Customer service agents can get a 360-degree profile of the customer they’re serving, complete with demographics, purchase history, preferences, and past support tickets. All the product content management capabilities within Commerce Cloud are housed in one easy-to-use, centralized content repository. By incorporating a composable approach into your digital commerce strategy, you can achieve commerce agility. Staying agile is key to delivering an outstanding customer experience that differentiates your business and creates loyal customers. An integrated and scalable enterprise-grade digital commerce platform can help you fuel innovation and drive profitable growth.

Integrations are also possible with SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Digital Payment, SAP Hybris Digital Asset Management Cloud by OpenText. As you can see, you are free to create various eCommerce strategies and scenarios to achieve desired results in data management. Its online community is weaker and less vibrant than many other platforms like Magento and Shopify. Commerce Cloud doesn’t come cheap; their prices are at the upper end of the spectrum with some customers paying over $1M per year for their SAP Hybris platform. Customer data patterns are recorded and put to great use, enhancing engagement through optimized experiences.

  • For each area presented in the course, participants will write a “hello world” application.
  • It can be structured and extended to suit all kinds of different businesses, whether B2B, B2C or B2B2C.
  • You can set up intelligent remarketing campaign rules that will be triggered when certain conditions are met, and you will gain a chance to attract these users again.
  • Secure registration, login, authentication, consent management and GDPR compliance will help you attract loyal clients and demonstrate respect for personal data privacy.
  • This canned solution focuses on the presentation and processing of large volumes of product information.
  • You can segment your customers on the basis of their preferences such as brand, style, color, usability, hobbies and interests, and set data-driven rules for each segment.
  • We offer many prebuilt integrations to third-party solutions through SAP Store.

It combines features such as AI-powered merchandising, chatbots, an intuitive interface, and self-service abilities that make buying and selling processes easy. The great thing about the SAP ecommerce solution is that you can manage your products, content, orders, and catalogs from a single place and distribute them to many channels. The B2C Accelerator provides a wide range of capabilities for improving customer engagement. Consistent content management across all devices, email communication, search and navigation, shopping cart, order management and many more features allow B2C users to grow and expand.

SAP Sales Cloud

The solution also comes with powerful and comprehensive B2B commerce capabilities. Are you looking for a futuristic ecommerce platform to grow your business? By using the SAP Commerce Cloud, you can unlock the potential of your business and enrich the customer experience. Join Royal Cyber in Partnership with SAP Commerce Cloud Team to create seamless customer experiences & move your business forward by adding commerce cloud to your business model. Armed with this data, users can curate deeply personalized shopping experiences for their customers by refining online product displays , recommendations, offers, and remarketing at the individual level.

We are a team of volunteers and starting a new project in a community in the same niche. We’ve been providing SAP C/4HANA, from consulting to development and customization, for more than six years, which has resulted in 20+ vibrant projects. A warehouse employee sees the order in the Cockpit, collects it and ships to the store, while a store employee can also see the order status.

sap commerce cloud modules

We take a deep dive into how the platform works and discover whether or not it’s been successful to meet today’s customers needs. Services From digital transformation strategy to scaling your digital business. Learn why SAP Commerce Cloud medaled in 10 of 12 categories in the Paradigm B2B Combine report and was praised for its ability to support complex B2B use cases. An agile CX strategy can help you navigate a volatile marketplace and meet the ever-changing needs of customers today – and far into the future. Reduce your limitations and grow across channels on a single platform designed for B2B and B2C, multibrand, and multigeographical. Since SAP Commerce Cloud is based on open APIs, it can be quickly integrated with third-party solutions as well.

We offer many prebuilt integrations to third-party solutions through SAP Store. It’s being used specifically within certain silos within the business and is, effectively, the cornerstone of our digital client platform. SAP Commerce Cloud has constantly allowed us to scale up with our services and it offers a seamless process of scalability. This is the most detailed overview of the SAP Commerce platform you can find on the web. When the customer picks up the order, the store employee marks it as complete, and the stock inventory is updated automatically. Here is a comprehensive overview of Commerce Cloud out-of-the-box modules.

SAP Marketing Cloud

Our enterprise-grade e-commerce solution enables B2C and B2B organizations to deliver engaging and profitable commerce experiences. The cloud-based commerce solution earns multiple 2022 “Top Rated” and “Best of” awards based on feedback submitted by our customers to TrustRadius. SAP Cloud Platform is a convenient, secure and reliable environment for creating or extending digital solutions. Apart from fully integrated modules, Commerce Cloud offers more specialized ready-to-use solutions — accelerators. They contain best practices and unique functions needed for certain businesses or sectors and help them run faster.

A powerful merchandising capability enables you to set fixed locations for certain products on the website depending on predefined business goals. It also features an intuitive WYSIWYG editing tool that allows to control the storefront management. Create and execute promotional campaigns to advertise products and drive sales. Talking about the business benefits of SAP, it allows business owners to deliver incredible, customized experiences to their customers. An entrepreneur at heart with over 20+ years of experience in building internet software, growing online companies and managing product development. It consolidates all company marketing plans, KPIs, budgets, and tracking in one place for better management and collaboration.

Royal Cyber and SAP

This can be incredibly hard to manage, creating complexity and data fragmentation for the seller, lack of personalization and reliability for the customer, and can lead to higher costs for both. It caters to the unique needs and desires of every customer by delivering personalized experiences from acquisition through to retention, unifying all touchpoints on a global scale. Get ready to unlock greater profitability, sustainability, and resilience.

sap commerce cloud modules

Learn why SAP Commerce Cloud medaled in 10 of 12 categories in the report and was praised for its ability to support complex business-to-business use cases. Thank you so much for this intelligible explanation of the capabilities that SAP commerce cloud provides. Someone can be confused by the terms SAP commerce cloud vs Hybris, but this is just the rebranding of one SAP commerce solution, which has become even more powerful now. By moving its software products to the cloud, SAP significantly enhanced opportunities for business. Integrated with SAP Commerce Cloud, our Auction Module becomes part of your existing eCommerce platform and automatically creates orders through your order management solution. The module allows companies to implement out-of-the-box bidding functionality to seamlessly sell products at the best price.

It’s slow

We can also customize these modules by adding extensions in order to tailor them to the unique requirements of certain industries. You can use machine learning to send behavior-based recommendations to enhance conversions. In addition, engaging with one-to-one customers helps understand the customers’ needs and deliver what they are looking for.

The SAP Commerce Cloud is composed of a standard set of extensions providing base functionality for building e-commerce solutions. The course illustrates some of the basic functionalities and main concepts of SAP Commerce Cloud and helps participants understand what is out of the box and what has to be implemented. This is targeted for software developers, software architects and technical consultants. Participants will see the software demonstrated and will learn to install, configure and customize it to a certain degree. For each area presented in the course, participants will write a “hello world” application.

What does SAP Commerce Cloud do?

As a result, customers get a deeply personalized shopping experience, and your store gets the increased conversion. All five platforms have pre-built integrations using SAP Cloud Platform Integration. Together they assemble to form a highly comprehensive CRM and customer experience solution, fit for any sizable omnichannel business generating around $10M+.

Industry-specific features

It benefits from excellent internationalization thanks to multi-language, multi-site, and multi-currency support. It can be structured and extended to suit all kinds of different businesses, whether B2B, B2C sap e commerce module or B2B2C. Agents can perform all interactions (answer queries, issue refunds, create sales orders, etc.) from one interface, so there’s no need to mess around opening new windows or switching screens.

Industry-Specific Features — Accelerators

Thus, they can provide exceptional customer support and offer personalized recommendations promptly. SAP Marketing Cloud adds tools for creating a 360-degree view of your customers, better understanding their preferences and creating personalized experiences. The integration with Marketing Cloud will provide you with real-time insights into customer behavior across touchpoints, facilitating the creation of multichannel marketing campaigns. SAP Service Cloud is the advanced CRM solution from SAP for customer service processes. You can segment your customers on the basis of their preferences such as brand, style, color, usability, hobbies and interests, and set data-driven rules for each segment.

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